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Buckle Up! Five Coolest Amphibious Cars

Wipe that sweat off your brow, flick a switch on the dashboard, and zip up your lifevest! From underwater scuba cars to literally attaching sails to your beat-up, rusting vehicle, there are plenty of cool and amusing options when it comes to leaving the freeways to voyage on the waterways.

Check out these videos below to see five of the coolest amphibious cars around.

1. Water Car

Probably the most unimaginatively named vehicle of the lot, this 'Water Car' can really tear up the waves as it transforms from power-car to powerboat. And it can really tear up the waves, even outrunning a regular speedboat! And if you ever want to see what the definition of success looks like, scroll to 1m30s to see the most winningest smile ever! Although at 2m25s it looks like a nightmare to parallel-park.

2. James Bond Scuba Car

With a clipped Eastern European accent more suited to a Bond villain, Frank Rinderknecht explains his Scuba Car invention. But this car doesn't just skim the surface, it travels underwater fully submerged!

And with a voice that's straight out of a BMW or Volkswagen commercial, you know there's some seriously good engineering at work here. But a top speed of 2 mph? C'mon Frank, how am I supposed to escape the bad guys in this car when the baddies can probably swim faster! I think you should look to Inspector Gadget for inspiration and invent a Go Go Gadget submarine instead.

3, 4, and 5. Top Gear Car-Boat Challenge

Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond get up to their usual car-related hi-jinks and japery in this famous amphibious vehicle challenge from the BBC.

James attaches sails to a Triumph Herald, Richard wants to turn his camper-van into a houseboat, and Jeremy barks orders for a 225 horsepower Honda outboard engine to be fitted to the rear of a Toyota Hilux pickup truck in a voice more suited to commanding his butler to bring him more tea and crumpets. And how hilarious are the results! See for yourself which one of these 'chaps' sinks and which ones manage to make it back to dry land.

Judging from the above videos, the future of land-sea transportation is already here. It's exciting and exhilarating but it seems like we've still got a long way to go in terms of taking our cars across the lake while actually keeping dry. So if you are out on the water in one of these contraptions, expect to get wet!

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