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Buckle Up! Five Coolest Amphibious Cars.

Picture this: you're in a car careening off a fifty foot bridge, gripping the steering wheel and screeming like the Incredible Hulk having a seizure. But then you remember one very important fact: your vehicle is in fact AMPHIBIOUS!

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Supertanker Infographic

Supertanker Inforgraphic

The Knock Nevis is the largest Super Tanker in the world. But just how massive? We decided to put this boat up against some of the largest landmarks, animals, trees and other forms of transportation. Full Article

Surviving Cold Water Immersion

Cold Water Shock

Even though it may be t-shirt weather and the air is warm, the water can still be very cold. Because the majority of us do not participate in cold water activities, we are unaware of how our bodies react in early and late season conditions. Some helpful tips on what to do if you find yourself plunged into frigid water. Full Article



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